Finding Enough

The journey to financial independence and a world of choices

Cowslips in a local meadow in April

What is likely to be my last month of full time work ever, went by in a flash. It doesn’t really seem real yet – especially as I will be starting May with 2 weeks full time in the office!

I have agreed a schedule of working weeks with my boss which totals half of the remaining year and allows me to take up to 4 ‘non-working’ weeks in one go. This schedule has me working more during key periods for the business, and working less during less busy periods (at least that’s the theory). I expect there will be some swapping of weeks by mutual agreement as the year progresses, but it is a good place to start.

Semi-retirement at 43 is a pretty big milestone in my life, and the numbers are looking similarly momentous this month. I have no idea how long this upward trajectory can sustain, but we’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

Freedom Fund Value: £1,095,855

Hypothetical monthly income @4% SWR: £3,653

Actual monthly expenses: £2,684

April was a high spending month, and it did feel like there were parcels arriving far more often than usual. Deliveries were mostly van conversion related purchases, but our quarterly case of wine also came this month. Total expenses also included travel spending for the first time in about a year. We spent almost £500 on the final balance for a week in the Yorkshire Dales and in deposits for a planned trip later in the year to make the most of my first 4 week ‘non-working’ stint. International travel still seems a little too precarious to make firm plans, so we are opting to explore the UK this year instead.

From here on in, whilst we shouldn’t be significantly decumulating for now, any continued accumulation will be driven by market growth and dividends, with only a small workplace pension contribution remaining as a regular investment amount.

I think my biggest challenge over the next few months in adjusting to this new routine will be avoiding trying to squeeze 4 weeks’ work into 2 weeks, and getting better at saying no. I have a very capable new member of the team, so there is no reason to worry about delegating responsibility, but I may need to remind myself of this along the way…….

One thought on “Financial Independence + 16 months, April update

  1. Al Cam says:

    Congratulations as you enter this new phase.
    I wish you well and I really look forward to hearing how this evolves and develops.
    I agree you have identified one of the key challenges and I think you may have to be ‘firm’ from the outset – otherwise mismatches in expectations, etc will start to develop.
    Please do keep blogging on this topic as so very little has been written along these lines from a real lived experience perspective!

    Liked by 1 person

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