Finding Enough

The journey to financial independence and a world of choices

target hit

At the end of Nov 2019, we hit our magic number. Theoretically, now we could live off the proceeds of our investments indefinitely. I just didn’t have a plan for what I wanted to do next.

This momentus event happened to come around 3 weeks before Mr Wombat was made redundant. What would have been a worrying time in other circumstances, actually made the decision to pull the trigger on his full time job for him. He had been talking about quitting the 9-5 and setting up a small business for a while, but somehow it never quite happened – there was always a reason to stay in the safe world of working for someone else.

We had a bit of work we had been meaning to do on the house for some time, so we decided he should spend a bit of time doing that, whilst building a business plan and setting up a website.

Fast forward to Feb / March and our plans were somewhat thwarted by a global pandemic crashing the markets and making starting a home maintenance business difficult. By the end of May our freedom fund is almost back up to our target, and once restrictions start to lift further in the UK, Mr.Wombat will be in a better position to start his business. We are in a fortunate position that the last few months have delayed our plans rather than derailed our lives, and we are very aware that others are not so fortunate.

As we start to think about what we want our loves to look like with this new-found freedom to be able to do what we want, I wanted to start to document where the journey takes us. Welcome to Finding Enough.

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