Finding Enough

The journey to financial independence and a world of choices

August was an expensive month for us, mainly for vehicle related reasons and due to it being TV licence renewal month (my almost irrational hatred of subscriptions or monthly payment commitments of any kind means we pay this in full annually). It was also the month we visited a restaurant with friends for the first time in 6 months!

As at 1st September 2020:

  • Freedom fund value: £923,807
  • Hypothetical Monthly income @ 4% SWR: £3,079
  • Actual Monthly expenses: £2,393

As I sold my car in August, there were costs associated with service & MOT prior to sale (which had been delayed from May due to lockdown), and then we had to tax the 12 year old VW Golf we inherited from my mother in law to replace it. Luckily the cost to switch the vehicle on the insurance was only £7, but this policy is up for renewal in Oct.

August was also the month the van insurance became due, and as we are finally ready to start the conversion to a campervan, we need specialist insurance to cover it whilst in conversion, but which would still allow Mr.W to use it for his business. The cheapest we could find after literally hours on the phone to various brokers was £395 through Adrian Flux. We are hoping it will come down next year once the conversion is complete and exact modifications can be described, photographed and a value agreed upon.

On the plus side, we also managed to sell a few things on Facebook and Gumtree following a bit of a de-clutter which has left us a couple of hundred quid better off and with less unused crap stuff around the place. There is more to go, but whilst working at home, it is easy to advertise 2 or 3 things a week without it seeming like too much hard work. There is also the benefit of pretty much always being in when people want to come and pick things up, although they nearly always arrive while I am on a video call, making the dog bark madly while I try to continue a sensible conversation.

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