Finding Enough

The journey to financial independence and a world of choices


It’s spreadsheet time again.  The first week of every month, I update a spreadsheet which tracks 2 things; the value of our freedom fund and our expenses for that month.

This month, I am typing my update from one of my favourite places – in a hammock in my garden.  The view is restful, and the numbers aren’t bad either…….

As at 1st August 2020:

  • Freedom fund value: £902,484
  • Hypothetical Monthly income @ 4% SWR: £3,008
  • Actual Monthly expenses: £1,659

We spent 2 weeks of July in a holiday cottage in mid-Wales, but as it was paid for some time ago, and there were limited options for spending while we were there, it was still a fairly low expenditure month.

Our monthly expenses include £300 each per month as personal allowances for me and Mr W.  We decided to do this, as we felt it was important for us to have money that we were free to spend as we pleased without the need to discuss it.  This covers clothes, haircuts, presents for friends & family, gadgets, hobbies as well as car maintenance (yes, we still have cars as well as the van – we plan to change this in the fairly near future).  In reality, we both have growing savings, as we are not spending anything like £300 a month, especially over the last few months, so we may agree to drop this down a bit going forwards.

The trip to Wales was the first of a number of trips to explore rural areas for potential future re-location.  We loved the area, and property prices are certainly attractive, but it does rain A LOT compared with what we are used to in East Anglia!  We have plenty more areas to explore before we make a decision, but spending time in a sparsely populated area, certainly reinforced that this is the kind of life we want longer term.

On the whole July, was a good month. Our freedom fund is back above target and I got away from Microsoft Teams for 2 whole weeks 🙂

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